Stone Imperial Star Fawker and Bell’s Incessant

photo of 6 pack of cans of stone imperial star fawker and bells incessant

We’ve got two exciting limited brews to feature this month, hailing from two always exciting breweries.

Stone Brewing Co – Imperial Star Fawker Hazy IPA
This new release from Stone Brewing originated in their Napa, California facility. Stone Imperial Star Fawker is brewed with Rakau and Citra hops for a flavor profile the brewer describes as “ripe mango, juicy stone fruit, pineapple, orange what and…hop derived diesel notes.” 9% ABV

Bell’s Brewery – Incessant New England IPA
Similar to Imperial Star Fawker, Incessant also began at a smaller facility, the original brewery, before moving to the production brewery in Comstock, MI. Incessant is a double New England IPA, weighing in at 8.5% ABV. Bell’s Brewery promises “tropical fruit” tasting notes

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