Featured Beer

Port City Brewing Company – Monumental IPA

In January 2011, the Port City Brewing Company set out to revive and continue the tradition of brewing in Alexandria, Virginia. Port City is the first production brewery to operate in Alexandria since the Robert Portner Brewing Company shuttered its doors in 1915 due to Prohibition. Portner had been brewing since 1866, and at one time was the largest brewery in the southern United States.

Port City’s locally hand-made craft beers have won many awards. This month we are proud to feature Port City Monumental IPA, a gold medal winner of the 2012 Virginia Craft Brewers Festival and Bronze recipient at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado.

Monumental IPA is brewed with a special blend of American hops, which are added throughout the brewing and fermentation process. According to the brewery, this helps to “create a complex combination of aroma and flavor”.

This “intensely hoppy” IPA weighs in at 6.3% ABV and 57IBU.

St. Bernardus Pater 6

The St Bernardus Brewery in Watou, Belgium has been brewing abbey ales since 1946. Belgian as can be, St Bernardus brews using only their own yeast, malts and hops grown in their “own hopfield right next to the brewery”.

The brewery obtained its license from the Trappist Monks of Westvleteren, who were looking to stop brewing shortly after World War II. This month Village Beer and Fine Wine is proud to feature St Bernardus Pater 6, one of the original recipes from those early days.

The brewer describes this traditional abbey style dubbel as:

“chestnut in color, very fruity with notes of melon and very fresh banana, finishing with slight bitterness.”

Of over 1,000 ratings on Beer Advocate, St Bernardus Pater 6 averages 92, and even higher over at Rate Beer, with an overall score of 96. Give this unique, authentic 6.7%ABV Abbey Dubbel a try. You won’t be disappointed!

21st Amendment Brewery – Seasonal craft beer cans

21st-amendment-brewery-cans-rockvilleWe have two exciting seasonal offerings from San Francisco’s 21st Amendment Brewery. As those familiar with the brewery will know, both come in cans only.

The He Said box comes with 2 cans of He Said Baltic-style Porter, and 2 cans of He Said Belgian-style Tripel. Both beers are brewed with pumpkin juice, pumpkin puree, Tarragon and Galangal, a plant in the ginger family, popular in Southeast Asia.

Fireside Chat is 21st Amendment’s Winter Spiced Ale. The brewer says:

We begin with a rich, dark, English-style ale and then we improvise with spices until we know we have a beer worth sharing with the nation.

At 7.9% ABV, with 7 types of malts, 2 types of hops, spices and cocoa nibs, this is one fine winter brew.

Unique Pumpkin Beers

Pumpkin beers have become the norm from American brewers this time of year. Thanks to their popularity, brewers are coming up with unique ways to present their pumpkin brews.

The folks at Star Hill Brewery in Virginia have added a pumpkin mash to a traditional English-style Brown Porter. The brewer says that “light spicing allows the subtle flavors of pumpkin and roasty porter to shine through”.

And in 6 and 12 packs we’ve got  Pumpkick. This brew from New Belgium Brewing Co offers a tart twist on pumpkin beer, with the addition of cranberries and lemongrass, to the usual cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice.

Dogfishead gives their Punkin Ale a kick, weighing in at 7.0 ABV, much heavier than your average pumpkin beer. Punkin Ale is Dogfish’s most popular seasonal, and something of a flagship beer, having been brewed by their founder prior to the breweries inception.

For a more traditional pumpkin beer try Sarnac’s Pumpkin Ale. Spiced with everything you’d expect – cinnamon, cloves, allspice and ginger. At 3,000 pumpkins per brew, Sarnac is confident “you’ll think you just drank Fall.”

Fall Craft Beers Arrivals

Our shelves are filling up with the Fall seasonal craft
beers to help you celebrate the changing seasons.

  • Starr Hill Road Show – 12 pk variety
  • Starr Hill Boxcar Pumkin Porter
  • New Belguim Pumpkick – 12 pk.
  • New Belguim Pumpkick – 6 pk.
  • Magic Hat Night of the Living Dead – 12 pk. var.
  • Sam Adams Octoberfest 12 pk.
  • Sam Adams Octoberfest 6 pk.
  • Sam Adams Harvest Collection – 12 pk.
  • Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale – 12 pk.
  • Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale – 6 pk.
  • Bluemoon Seasonal Sampler – 12 pk.
  • UFO Pumkin Ale
  • Dominion Octoberfest
  • Stella Artois Cidre
  • Vanilla Porter
  • Leinenkugel Oktoberfest
  • Yuengling Oktoberfest
  • Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale
  • Shiner Oktoberfest
  • Shocktop Pumpkin Wheat – 12 pk.
  • Shocktop Pumpkin Wheat – 6 pk.
  • Flying Dog Dogtoberfest Marzen
  • Sierra Nevada Tumbler
  • Sierra Nevada Hoptimum
  • Fordham Spiced Harvest Ale
  • Sarnac Pumpkin Ale

Just to name a few.

Allagash Brewing Company

Allagash-six-packs-rockville-mdAllagash Brewing Company was founded in 1995, by one man determined to bring Belgian style beers to U.S. drinkers. Rob Tod started with a Belgium style white wit beer. A grew summer brew, brewed with wheat and flavored with orange peel, coriander and other spices. Today the Allagash line has grown to seven yearly beers, and various limited releases.

Village Beer and Fine Wine is proud to be your Rockville source for Allagash beers. Our shelves are stocked with everything from six packs of Allagash Tripel Ale, to 22 oz bottles of Allagash brew aged in oak barrels.

Allagash Oddyssey is a dark wheat beer aged for ten months, partly in oak barrels. The brewer describes this limited annual relase:

“This deep brown beer boasts an aroma of black treacle and raisin. The flavor hints at dates, with a mildly roasted finish imparted by aging in both medium and heavy toast American Oak barrels. The finish is dry, punctuated by vanilla.”

Allagash Curiex is Tripel Ale aged for eight weeks in Jim Beam bourbon barrels. Mixed back in with fresh Tripel, “the resulting beer is soft with coconut and vanilla notes, with hints of bourbon.”

Also in 22oz bottles, we are currently featuring Allagash Curiex, Four Ale, Dubbel Reserve and Triple Reserve. In six packs we have Allagash White, Black and Tripel.

Ballast Point Brewing – Sculpin IPA

From its humble beginnings of backyard brewing and a home brew supply store, Ballast Point Brewing has grown large enough to find its way from San Diego to our Rockville, Maryland store. Ballast Pointe says their Sculpin IPA is a testament to their origins.

“It showcases bright flavors and aromas of apricot, peach, mango & lemon. The lighter body also brings out the crispness of the hops.” Ballast Point, Sculpin IPA

At 7% alcohol and 70 IBUS Sculpin IPA packs a punch and tastes great, much like the poisonous spiked fish it takes its name from. The folks at BeerAdvocate seem to agree, with an incredible average score of 98 out over 4,700 reviews.

Lagunitas Sonoma Farmhouse Hop Stoopid Ale

lagunitas-hopstoopid-22oz-rockville-storeLagunitas Brewing Company was founded in Lagunitas, California in 1993. One of the fasts growing craft breweries, Lagunitas produces over 100,000 barrels a year, a number sure to increase with Lagunitas opening a new brewery in Chicago this year. Village Beer & Fine Wine is proud to stock our shelves with Lagunitas Sonoma Farmhouse Hop Stoopid Ale. This ale is brewed with hop extract, which creates “cleaner hop flavors”, according to the brewer.

Known for their off the wall lables, Lagunitas describes the hops extract and its addition to the wort:

The sensuous honey-like amber ooze was administered intravenously to the wort kettle and the sacrament was complete.

With a score of 94 on Beer Advocate, and a whopping 100 on RateBeer, Hop Stoopid is clearly popular with the hops fans. Stop by and pick up a 22 oz bottle today and experience Hop Stoopidity. But take your time sipping this one, with all that hops, and 8% abv, its got a kick to it.