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Beer and Wine Tasting Schedule for September 2015

Tasting Schedule

  • Fri. Sept. 11 from 4-7pm. Sample the local beers of Jailbreak Brewery from Laurel, Md.
  • Sat. Sept. 12 from 4-7pm. DuClaw of Baltimore, Md.
  • Fri. Sept. 18 from 4-7 pm. Beers of the Lagunitas Brewery
  • Sat. Sept. 19 from 4-7pm. Jon from Republic will be sampling wines of Oregon.
  • Fri. Sept. 25 from 4-7pm. Oscar Blues Brewery
  • Sat. Sept. 26 from 4-7 pm. Sara will be pouring The Famous Juan Gil and Atayla Laya of Spain.

Beer and Wine Specials for September 2015

Beer Specials

  • Miller 64 6 pk can Reg. $6.29 Sale $5.99
  • Harp 6 pk bt. Reg. $9.59 Sale $8.99
  • Rolling Rock 18 pk bt SPECIAL VALUE $15.99
  • Miller High Life 18 pk bt. SPECIAL VALUE $12.99

Wine Specials

Check out our new Wine Closeout Sale selection!  Prices start at $6.99!!!

2013 Sean Minor Four Bears Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc

sean-minor-hdr-webSean and Nicole Minor founded Four Bears Winery, and Sean Minor Wines, in 2005. One of the couple’s primary goals, was making affordable wine without compromising quality. They’ve certainly achieved that goal, and we’re excited to feature two white wines from the Four Bears collection.

2013 Four Bears Chardonnay – Central Coast
Sean Minor takes their winemaking very seriously, and this Chardonnay is no exception. The grapes are put through a slow cool fermentation, some in french oak barrels, and the rest in stainless steel. The wine makers tasting notes for Four Bears Chardonnay includes:

“On the entry, pear and green apple flavors are framed by nice acidity which integrates well with the medium body mouth feel.  The green apple and peach flavors evolve into a hint of minerality that adds complexity to the lengthy finish. “
2013 Four Bears Sauvignon Blanc – California

The Sauvignon Blanc goes through a similar winemaking process, with a few exceptions. Only a small portion is aged in French oak barrels, most in stainless steel. And the wine in the oak barrels is i”sur lie aged”, meaning it is left to sit on the lees after fermentation, the sediment at the bottom, a combination of yeast and grape remains. The wine makers tasting notes for Four Bears Sauvignon Blanc include:

“On the entry, the juicy grapefruit acidity integrates well with a medium body mid palate mouth feel.  The kiwi, green apple and peach flavors evolve into a hint of minerality that adds complexity to the finish.”

Not Your Father’s Root Beer

not-dads-rootbeer-webNot Your Father’s Root Beer from Small Town Brewery is sweeping the country, with people going to great lengths to find it. We’ve got you covered at Village Beer and Fine Wine, we’ve stocked up in an attempt to meet the demand.

Just as the name suggests, this is Root Beer with a 5.9% alcohol kick. While this isn’t the first alcoholic root beer to hit the market, its the first to find such wide rapid success. So what has Small Town Brewery done differently?

Tim Kovac founded Small Town Brewery after twenty years exploring his family’s tradition of gruit brewing. Kovac’s ancestor’s brewed beer with certain herbs and spices added for flavor and bittering. He uses this concept to create Not Your Father’s Root Beer, with a combination of “wintergreen, sassafras bark, oak, vanilla, anise, and a host of other spices”.

With demand so high, Pabst Brewing Company has entered into an agreement with Small Town Brewery to distribute Not Your Father’s Root Beer across the country.

Stop by and pick up a six-pack today. We’ll try to keep some on the shelves for you.

Beer and Wine Specials for August 2015

Beer Specials

Maui Brewing Company CocConut Porter and Mana Wheat  –  $1.00 OFF
Red Hook Speedy Blonde Apple Ale 6 pk bt.  –  $1.00 Off
Rolling Rock 18 pk bt. * SPECIAL VALUE * $15.99
Miller High Life 18 pk bt * SPECIAL VALUE * $12.99

Wine Specials

Check out our new Wine Closeout Sale selection!  Prices start at $6.99!!!

Wine Tasting Schedule for August 2015

  • Saturday, August 8 from 12-6 pm. Aileen will be sampling Flor de Vetus red 2012 from Toro, Spain and Dos Minas Torrontes from Argentina.
  • Saturday, August 22 from 12-6 pm. Astica Wines of Argentina.
  • Saturday, August 29 from 12-6 pm. Wines from the Twisted Wine Cellars.

Craft Beer Arrivals for August 2015

New Arrivals

  • Atlantic Coal Porter 6pk Bt
  • Not Your Father’s Root Beer 6pk Bt
  • Flyingdog Counter Culture Ale 6pk Bt
  • Heavy Seas Red Sky At Morning Belgian Style Saison Aged Unita Mix’r Varitey 12pk Bt
  • Left Hand Varitey 12pk Bt
  • Brekenridge Sampler 12pk Bt

Back In Stock

  • Ballastpoint Grapefruit Sculpin 6pk Bt
  • Lagunitas Little Sumpin Ale 6pk Bt
  • Laghing Dog Ipa 6pk Can
  • Stone Ipa 6pk Bt
  • Allagash Curieux 750ml Bt

Bryn Mawr Vineyards – Rosé of Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc

bryn-mwar-webWe have two great summer wines to highlight for July, both from Oregon’s Bryn Mawr Vineyards.

Bryn Mawr Vineyards – Pinot Blanc

While Pinot Blanc, a white variety of Pinot Noir, is not widely grown in Oregon, the folks at Bryn Mawr felt they had the perfect conditions for it when they planted the vines back in 2010. It turns out they were correct, as Bryn Mawr really delivers with a grape typically associated with cooler European climates.

The wine makers tasting notes include “honey, ginger, rose water, pear flowers, and mandarin…”

Bryn Mawr Vineyards – Rosé of Pinot Noir

The winemakers say their rosé is very “intentional”, that many other  rosés are simply leftovers from red wine making. Bryn Wawr pulls their rosé from the early stages of red wine fermentation.

The wine maker’s description includes “rich and creamy notes combine with fresh raspberry, strawberry, mandarin, and orange zest.”



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