Woods & Waters IPA and A Tiny Beautiful Something Pale Ale – Maine Beer Co


We’ve got an exciting new pair of brews from Maine Beer Company. As usual, the understated labels hide an exceptional beer inside.

Woods & Waters India Pale Ale is named in honor of the commemoration of Maine’s Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, a national park of over 80,000 acres, including parts of the Penobscot River and views of Katahdin Mountain.

Woods & Waters is brewed with five different varieties of hops, and four malts. Maine Beer Company’s tasting notes for Woods & Water include:

“Melon, pineapple and pink grapefruit. Underlying notes of onion and garlic with subtle pine and a faint malt grain sweetness.”

It seems Maine Beer Co has another hit, with Woods & Waters currently enjoying a 91 pt score on the ever popular Beer Advocate website.

A Tiny Beautiful Something Pale Ale is a different kind of beast entirely, brewed with only El Dorado hops and  four types of malt. Maine Beer Company’s tasting notes include:

“Orange marmalade and apricot with floral perfume notes, spicy and earthy.”

If you’re interested in either of these beers, call ahead. These may go quickly, and availability may be limited.


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